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#1 2009-01-25 12:03:34

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Push for better laws

The rights of handicapped persons must be strengthened !!

Unfortunately, it still is so in daily life that handicapped persons are considered as petitioners. "Please, you can help me to go into the bus", please, you open the door", "please, can you give me the meal from the shelf" etc. etc..

It should be clear for everybody that a car accident, an unhappy fall can make every man a handicapped person tomorrow from today. There is always the risk of having a handicapped baby, too.

In connection with this, this concerns each of us, it should actually be natural that everywhere the same access for handicapped persons should be possible. Unfortunately, the reality looks different. In practice handicapped persons are dependent on special transport pools, can't go to many public events, even simple everyday objects aren't usable for them.

If a higher age is still added to the hindrance, handicapped persons are dependent on care fast. Costs which can be avoided arise with that. A higher independance makes a happier life possible at the same time.

It only can be demanded to confirm the rights of the handicapped persons by law. Every house, every public room, every event should be accessible as simply as possible for handicapped persons .

Sure all these things are not within reach of months, nevertheless shouldn't despite all economic problems this goal should be not lost


#2 2009-01-25 16:53:52

renu thapliyal
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Re: Push for better laws

yes you are right. the law should be strengthened for disable people. there should be some law for facilities providing in public transport, in social gatherings, in schools, in public places, in offices and also for self employment. they should be empowered with law.

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