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#1 2009-01-22 18:04:02

Registered: 2009-01-22
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If you get some disabled person. What will you do?

Just think if you get some disabled person wants help then what will you do for him?
Yes I know there are so many person who are really disabled and cant do nothing are bagging
on street, but I have seen sometimes those people who are physically fit  but also bag by trapped us they are disabled.
What will you do if the both character will stand against you?


#2 2009-01-25 13:16:36

renu thapliyal
Registered: 2009-01-25
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Re: If you get some disabled person. What will you do?

see this is a different issue. but let me answer you. why people beg is solely their personal reason. no one wants to beg out of hobby. to get the alms they become handicap in disguise. we should not judge to give alms only to handicap. we can also give to the needy who are physically fit also.

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