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Adapting your home - advice for disabled people

To live comfortably and safely at home it is important that you can move around it easily. If you are having difficulties using the stairs or cannot get to the bathroom without help, you might want to consider making some adaptations to your home. Adaptations can range from installing grab rails and stair rails to making a home suitable for someone who uses a wheelchair.

Adapting your home

Certain adaptations work for disabled people is zero-rated for VAT when it is carried out on your private residence. It includes:
building ramps and/or widening doorways and passages to make access easier for a disabled person;   
installing a lift between floors to make access easier, including the maintenance, repair and restoration of decorations; and 
work to bathrooms and toilets to make them easier to use by a disabled person and any items supplied in connection with this: for example, grab rails or a bath seat.

The supplier (that is, the person or firm carrying out the work) must be registered for VAT, and the disabled person must make a declaration claiming zero rating which the supplier keeps. For more information about zero rating contact your local Customs and Excise office. Its address and telephone number will be in your phone book.

Before you make any adaptations it is important to get expert advice. An occupational therapist can look at the difficulties you are having and suggest equipment and adaptations to meet your particular needs. You can ask your local social services department to arrange for an occupational therapist to visit. In addition, the Disabled Living Foundation and the Centre for Accessible Environments can both advise you on the sort of adaptations that might be possible. You can contact these organisations at the addresses below.


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renu thapliyal
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Re: Adapting your home - advice for disabled people

yes adaptation is very much necessary for a house when a disable person is there. i think there should be a help line number supported by government or NGO that provides all tips for adaptation without any cost. moreover the government should supply all necessary items at subsidised rates.

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