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Horrible experience with a bus

It sounds unbelievable but it is true: My friend Mike is 13 years old, sits in the wheelchair and was left by two bus-drivers in Charlotte behind each other in the meaning of a word in the rain.

He wanted to drive home with the bus of his training and waited at the stop. He did the journey for the first time without company, and this premiere went wrong thoroughly.

Driver number one refused after the description of Mike to open out the ramp for persons in wheelchairs. Argument: He is late and the bus too full. Driver number two left the teenager with the remark he has hardly place and the stop wouldn't be suited well to use the ramp. Then left bus number two, too and Mike stayed behind alone in his wheelchair while cold rain was starting. "I was really peeved. I had to stop outside in the rain." An allergic reaction to a medicine caused a damage done to the nerves and forced him into the wheelchair.

He finally called his mother from the bus stop. She had to interrupt her work to pick up her son. "I couldn't believe it at all. Afterwards, it makes me really sad that handicapped people get so restricted. How other teenager just comes Mike in an age, too, where he would like to be a little mobile also without the help of Mom and daddy ", she said. The parents immediately complained to the town's department of works, too. The enterprise have apologized afterwards, but there is really a bad feeling left behind..


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renu thapliyal
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Re: Horrible experience with a bus

this is really sad to know that how can people go against humanity. how does the inner voice of a person allow to leave a handicapped youth in rain and not allowing him to travel in their buses. i think the government should take action and NGOs should do something in the city so that such needy can be helped when required.

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