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#1 2009-01-22 12:46:51

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Using computers having voice recognition and control features.

Hi everyone,

Computer package that enables people to talk to the computer instead of constantly tying can be really handful in providing access to information to disabled. For example Dragon Naturally speaking software. Software like this need to be trained to recognize the users voice as commands at the beginning and once it is done it can help you to type, edit, surf the web, do emails etc...
They are simply great for people having some kind of problems in there hand and on the other hand they can be really useful to anyone in busy hours.
If any you have any knowledge on this one then please share.


#2 2009-01-22 17:54:47

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Re: Using computers having voice recognition and control features.

Yes it is good thing you share here and its a really necessity thing for them VRS( voice recognition system) is good to help them so I think it will done 50% of their work done.
So no need to take special watch on them it will really helpful i thought.


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