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Travelling by coach

Coaches can be problematic to access for people with mobility impairments, but accessibility is improving.

Coaches used on scheduled services may not always be accessible to all disabled people, especially wheelchair users, as they often have several steep steps up from the entrance door.

However, under the Public Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations 2000, all new coaches must be wheelchair accessible, so Britain's coach fleet is becoming more accessible as old stock is replaced. By 2020, all buses and coaches must be fully accessible to disabled people.
Concessionary fares for disabled people

Some major coach companies offer concessionary fares or free travel to disabled people under the government's scheme for concessionary half-fares on scheduled coach services. You may need to show your local authority bus pass as proof of your disability.
Assistance from coach drivers and other staff

Coach drivers are now required by law to provide reasonable assistance to disabled people, in particular to help them get on and off the coach. This does not extend to physically lifting passengers or heavy mobility equipment. If you need help to get on and off the coach, you should ask for this when you book your ticket.
Wheelchairs and mobility scooters

It's important to check whether your wheelchair or mobility scooter can be carried on the coach when you book your ticket. Some coach companies allow folding manual wheelchairs only to be carried in the luggage hold; others may allow powered wheelchairs and scooters with dry cell batteries if they can be disassembled before travel.


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Re: Travelling by coach

Yeah the idea is good but ...


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Re: Travelling by coach

Yes if you really want  to take very better care of those people who are disabled and if you are some company then you should know how they comes easy in each condition what is provide by you. As the mater of coaches and other service the problem should not created as well the mater here of their mobility and so on. If you going to do something benefited to those people then you should be able to provide them all the mobility facilitate for them.


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