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#1 2009-01-22 13:39:11

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disability support services at the place one studies.

I have seen that in past many schools, institutes etc. didn't cared about the disabled people. Tey might give admission to them but won't provide any help of any kind they require over normal people.
But now most places of study have disability support services.
I have been been to seven schools and found them very helpful. once registered with the service, they can provide help in just about every area of study, and they will maintain full confidentiality if requested (which saves every teacher you have knowing every little detail of your medical history!). They also provide infrastructure that helps people move around more easily.
I think that every institute should have these kind of services.


#2 2009-01-22 17:59:57

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Re: disability support services at the place one studies.

Yes many of school are not really stands actually for what they stand. If they really want to tale care of the disabled people they really gives them great knowledge on every skill. There are so many shaw now days and all participates in that. Have you ever seen that some disabled person came and sing in some competition?
Why? If you are the good school then you need to take them participates in that kind of shaw. Why they didn't?


#3 2009-01-25 13:22:55

renu thapliyal
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Re: disability support services at the place one studies.

i think the number of schools specially for handicapped should be increased. because disable person will feel good among other disable persons. they will understand each others problem. in normal school they will feel that others are doing sympathy to them. this is really bad.

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